Golden Age at CrimeFest 2015

CrimeFest Golden Age Panel

One of the best attended sessions at CrimeFest 2015 was the panel “Forgotten Authors: The Golden Age of Murder”. Five leading authors and experts on the Golden Age took turns to urge readers to rediscover their favourite authors whose books are unjustly neglected.

Dolores Gordon Smith advocated Freeman Wills Crofts and G K Chesterton.

Martin Edwards spoke up on behalf of G D H and Margaret Cole; and Milward Kennedy.

Aline Templeton recommended Margery Allingham and Ronald Knox.

John Curran put forward J J Connington and Henry Wade.

Catherine Aird proposed Josephine Tey.

Three of the panel, Dolores, Martin and John will be speaking in more detail about Golden Age Detective Fiction at The Bodies From The Library conference.  Dolores will be talking in more detail about Freeman Wills Crofts, while Martin will be expanding on the theme of Forgotten Golden Age authors and John will be speaking on Agatha Christie.

Martin’s new book The Golden Age of Murder about the authors of that era is out now and provides the most comprehensive review of the genre yet to appear. It is a must read for anyone who wants to get to grips with the sheer volume and variety of crime fiction from the golden age. For more information and to buy a copy follow the link below:

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