Tommy and Tuppence brand refresh

It worked for James Bond when they brought out Casino Royale starring new Bond Daniel Craig and went back to the start with Bond as a new agent as he was in the book but updated for the new century. 

It worked for Sherlock Holmes with the new TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch which kept true to the spirit of the original while playing fast and loose with the letter to bring Holmes into the world of internet and smartphone technology. 

Can it work for Tommy and Tuppence? Can David Walliams, a more versatile actor then some give him credit for, take Agatha’s almost Bulldog Drummond-esque stiff upper-lipped hero of her more light hearted adventure series and give him more relevance in a gritty 21st century world? Tuppence was always a smarter, sassier character who should transfer more or less intact to a modern setting. 

We shall see. The first episode, Partners in Crime will be aired within the month. Some of The Bodies From The Library Team are pessimistic; others are more glass half full.

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