Recommended reading for 2017 Conference

We know that many attendees at the conference like to prepare for the day by reading books by, or about, the authors who will be discussed by our speakers. In order to get the most out of the session on Miles Burton, who also wrote under the name of John Rhode, and who was a member of The Detection Club (in which capacity he participated in two of that group’s collaboratively written novels), speaker Tony Medawar recommends:

Death in the Tunnel by Miles Burton
Death Leaves No Card  by Miles Burton
Death of Two Brothers by Miles Burton
Murder of a Chemist by Miles Burton
The Secret of High Eldersham by Miles Burton
The Floating Admiral by The Detection Club
Ask a Policeman by The Detection Club
The Fourth Bomb by John Rhode
The Paddington Mystery by John Rhode
Masters of the ‘Humdrum’ Mystery by Curtis Evans

This last book is a non-fiction overview by critic Curtis Evans of the sub-genre of Golden Age Detective Fiction which focused on the dogged investigative policeman as its central character – a school which included not only Burton/Rhodes but others such as Freeman Wills Crofts. Don’t be fooled by the subtitle of this book, by the way. Cecil John Charles Street, the first named of the authors, is none other than Burton/Rhodes. Indeed they were only two of his numerous pseudonyms as an author.

8 responses to “Recommended reading for 2017 Conference

  1. Um… are you planning to rerelease those books soon as the majority are next to impossible to get hold of. Speaking as a bit of a Rhode collector over the past year, I have never seen a copy of No Card, Chemist, Two Brothers and Fourth Bomb for less than fifty quid! Not that there are many affordable Rhode books out there, but these titles are particularly hard to find.

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