Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums

I am am currently carrying out research into Locked Room Mysteries and having gone to the usual sources: collections edited by Otto Penzler, Mike Ashley and Martin Edwards, I was very pleased to discover a new source for analysis. Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums, edited by JJ (of ) contains fifteen stories, only one of which had I come across elsewhere. Credit for the selection of the stories goes to Tomcat (of ) who has included alongside a Conan Doyle and Futrelle, one from L Frank Baum (creator of the Wizard of Oz), one from Robert Eustace (co-written with L. T. Meade) whose main claim to fame in Golden Age circles is as the co-author (with Dorothy L. Sayers) of The Documents in the Case and one from A. Demain Grange, who, bizarrely, is also responsible for an English translation of the libretto of Donizetti’s opera Lucia di Lammermoor (which does feature the death of a heroine but with little mystery as to the cause and culprit – in fact Italian tragic opera may rival crime fiction for the frequency of fatalities among female leading characters).

If you want a copy of Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums, then you can pick it up free at:


One response to “Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums

  1. Heeeeey, I’m delighted you’ve found it and thanks for publicising it — TomCat did a great job in selecting the less-heralded sort of thing that would likely be interesting to those more curious about the earlier examples of the form, and I had a great time putting it together. If no-one tries to sue me, a second volume may be along at some point…

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