More preparatory reading for the 2018 Conference

Tony Medawar, who will be speaking on the life and works of Christianna Brand, has suggested the following of her books as preparatory reading for his session at the conference:

Green for Danger 
Cat and Mouse 
The Spotted Cat and Other Mysteries from Inspector Cockrill’s Casebook

3 responses to “More preparatory reading for the 2018 Conference

  1. Sadly, the going rate for the rarer detective fiction seems to be gravity defying. I found Cat and Mouse for £11 on Amazon and Spotted Cat for £24 plus £17 p&p on Abebooks. There must be scope for new editions at profit-making prices for the publishers but less eye-watering for us as readers.


    • It’s a shame that these are the recommended titles – could the speakers perhaps focus on the more findable titles? Most of the rest are more attainable. This has been a problem before – Mist On The Salting (before it appeared on ebooks) and Burton’s Death Of Two Brothers spring to mind


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