Three more Suggested Reading titles

As we move into the final weeks before the conference, here are three more titles to add to your Suggested Reading to help you make the most of your day:

Come Tell Me How You Live by Agatha Christie Mallowan
An Autobiography by Agatha Christie
Beware of Johnny Washington by Francis Durbridge

The first two titles by Christie are non-fiction. The name under which she published Come Tell Me How You Live may give you a clue that it focuses on her times spent on digs in the Middle East with her archaeologist husband Sir Max Mallowan though there is little doubt that her experiences lend not only local colour but also verisimilitude to her fiction excursions in the area.

The Francis Durbrdge title, originally from 1951 but recently republished, is a reworking of the first Paul Temple radio serial Send For Paul Temple that features alternative characters including the eponymous Johnny Washington.

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