A fine edition of Death on the Nile…and a competition


US publisher of fine editions, Thornwillow Press, is bringing out a special edition of Death on the Nile. It is available in four different bindings – paper, half-cloth, half-leather and full leather.

In an intriguing promotion, Thornwillow is running a competition to win a unique prize – literally only a single copy of the prize edition will be made. To win, you will need to solve 21 separate clues and, from the answers, derive three words using either the first or last letter of each solution, then explain the link between the words. Sounds fiendishly complicated. To enter go to: Competition

For those who find the clues too challenging, or who wish to receive additional “goodies” related to Agatha Christie and her travels, you can subscribe to the project. To find out more about subscribing go to: Subscribe

And if all else fails, you can simply buy the fine edition. For more details go to: Death on the Nile


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