Topics for the 2020 Conference

We can now reveal some (but not all – we want to keep some surprises up our sleeve) of the topics that are going to be covered in this year’s conference.

There will be sessions on classic authors such as Ngaio Marsh and Gladys Mitchell.

And in a salute to our cousins across the Atlantic who will be celebrating their Independence on the day of the conference, there will be a focus on an American “Crime Queen” – the pseudonymous Ellery Queen.

We are also delighted to include a session on a hitherto overlooked author whose works are only now returning into print after a hiatus that, I’m sure our speakers will argue, has been too long: Brian Flynn.

These are just a taste of the goodies we have in store for you and we promise more treats to be revealed shortly.

The only way to be sure not to miss out is to book your place – and there are only a few days left before the Early Bird Discount period expires – so the time to act is now.

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