From the Archives

We are still feeling so disappointed that the fantastic programme we had put together for this year’s conference in July has had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis. We really feel for the speakers whose efforts in researching and preparing their talks must seem like they have all been wasted at the moment. Of course we are intending to come back next year and hopefully some, if not all, of those talks, so diligently prepared, will receive the airing they deserve then.

But in the meantime, we are all locked up in our homes, only emerging for essential journeys. With the cut backs in public transport, who knows if the 4:50 from Paddington will run today? Is there an Orient Express even now crossing borders in the Balkans or is that too a victim of the pandemic?

One thing that is consoling us, and we know many others, is the fabulous range of archive performances being screened by some of the great companies of the world and all for free. Here in the UK we are spoiled for choice with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Globe Theatre, The National Theatre, the BBC and many others offering us access to the finest culture in the comfort (confines?) of our own living rooms. I must confess I haven’t tracked down any of Agatha’s plays in amongst those that can now be streamed – but if anyone else can point me in the direction of an example then please let me know.

And in the same spirit, we have been going back through the archive recordings made of previous Bodies From The Library conferences to pick out some gems to share with you.

Here, from our very first conference in 2015, is a wonderful illustrated talk by Tony Medawar on Locked Room Mysteries in which the audio recording of Tony’s lecture is paired with the slides he used on the day. We do hope you enjoy it.

Take care and stay safe!

The Bodies From The Library team

Tony Medawar – Howdunnit? Locked Room Mysteries and Other Impossible Crimes



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