Suggested Reading for 2021 Conference

We know it is short notice – there is barely a week to go to the online Bodies From the Library Conference 2021 – but we also are aware that many of you like to know some of the books that are going to be discussed at the conference. There might not be time to order the books suggested by the speakers and read them before the conference but if you have any of them on your shelves already then you can look them out and remind yourselves of their contents.

Howdunit: A Masterclass in Crime Writing by Members of the Detection Club – editor Martin Edwards

When Last I Died – Gladys Mitchell

The Rising of The Moon – Gladys Mitchell

The Saltmarsh Murders – Gladys Mitchell

The Mystery of The Peacock’s Eye – Brian Flynn

The Murders Near Mapleton  – Brian Flynn

Murder En Route – Brian Flynn

The Fortescue Candle – Brian Flynn

Tread Softly – Brian Flynn

The Grindle Nightmare* – Q. Patrick

Black Widow** – Patrick Quentin

Death’s Old Sweet Song* – Jonathan Stagge

The Cases of Lieutenant Timothy Trant – Q. Patrick

Hunt in the Dark and Other Deadly Pursuits*** 

*Not currently in print in the UK but available in USA
** Not currently in print
*** To be published in 2021 by Crippen & Landru

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