Second Annual Conference focussed on The Golden Age of Detective Fiction Writers


We are very proud to present our second annual conference with another exciting programme of discussions, presentations and panels on the Golden Age of Detective Fiction Writers. Once again you will be able to:

  •  Meet leading experts on classic detective fiction

  • Talk with modern authors whose novels follow in the Golden Age tradition

  • Enjoy the amazing surroundings of  our prestigious venue at the British Library.

Conference sponsors:

 Harper Collins          In association with BL

Refund Policy:
Cancellation more than 3 months prior to the event: full refund of ticket price less Eventbrite fee
We are sorry but we cannot give refunds if you cancel within 3 months of the conference date.

10 responses to “Second Annual Conference focussed on The Golden Age of Detective Fiction Writers

    • Hi Janet

      It will be great to see you at the conference. Have you used the Eventbrite site to book your ticket? The link is on our website on the right hand side. Best wishes, Mark (On behalf of the Bodies From The Library team)


  1. Hi,
    Just a quick question about what time registration begins and when the first talk begins for the conference in June? Sounds a bit random I know but I am trying to plan my train tickets and I want to make sure I’m not late!


    • Hi Ginny

      You can view the conference programme by clicking on the tab labelled “Programme” at the top of the page.

      If you want to print this page then of course you can do so.

      There is a programme which will be given out on the day in your goody bag – the full contents of which I cannot reveal on pain of death 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.



  2. I’m getting worried – last year I booked my ticket on 1 October for 2016, this year nothing has been announced yet!!! Do hope you are busy planning for June 2017?!


    • Hi Fiona

      Both we and the British Library are indeed very busy planning 2017’s conference – the date is set and we are talking to potential speakers. The only reason we haven’t put up details on the website is because the British Library’s conference centre has third party facilities management, who are responsible for the catering etc, and the current provider’s contract ends at the end of the year. As a result we are having to wait until the new year to agree what provisions are needed and resulting costs with whoever is appointed to provide the services from January 2017 onwards. It is very frustrating as we would like to be able to tell people about the fantastic new ideas we have for next year but until we can enable people to buy tickets – for which we need to have worked out the price based on the new caterer’s costs – we can’t do more than say “Yes it is going ahead next June and we can’t wait to tell you all about what we are looking forward to offering our loyal conference delegates.”


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