Revealed: First topics to be covered at the 2019 Conference

We can now reveal that the programme for the 2019 Bodies From The Library Conference will include:

Ernest Bramah – an English author whose blind detective, Max Carados, featured in stories alongside Conan Doyle’s stories about Sherlock Holmes in the Strand Magazine.

Cyril Hare – the pseudonym of English judge Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark who created the unlikely detective duo of Francis Pettigrew, a second-rate barrister, and Inspector Mallett who appeared separately or together in all bar one of his detective fiction novels including such perennial favourites as Tragedy at Law.

Helen McCloy – creator of Dr Basil Willing whose theory that “every criminal leaves psychic fingerprints and he can’t wear gloves to hide them” informed her series of novels featuring the detective, starting with Dance of Death in 1938.

With less than 48 hours before the Early Bird discount offer ends, you can still ensure your place at what promises to be another fascinating examination of both the famous names of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction and some whose reputations thoroughly deserve to be revived for the 2018 price.


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