2019 Conference Programme Announced

The programme for the 2019 Bodies From The Library Conference has now been announced.

It offers a variety of panel sessions and lectures covering a cross-section of both the familiar and the less well-known authors of the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

The full programme is:

9:55 Welcome

10.00 Is The Golden Age Humdrum?
Jake Kerridge, Moira Redmond and Richard Reynolds

10.30 The Puppet Master: John Dickson Carr (1906-1977)
Tony Medawar

11.00 City and Countryside in ECR Lorac’s crime novels
Sarah Ward

11.30 COFFEE

11.50 Two (Undeservedly) Forgotten Crime Club Authors
John Curran

12.20 The Max Carrados Tales of Ernest Bramah
Dolores Gordon-Smith

12.50 LUNCH

1.50 Radio Play

2.20 Murder in Mind: The Crime Novels of Helen McCloy
Christine Poulson

2.50 Agatha Christie: Playwright
Julius Green and John Curran

3.20 TBC


4.10 Cyril Hare: Master of the English Murder
Martin Edwards and Christine Poulson

4.40 The 10 Types of Impossible Crime
Jim Noy and Daniel Curtis

5.10 Ask The Experts

Sadly, the session featuring Simon Brett and Len Tyler which had been planned for the afternoon, as mentioned in our previous notification of conference speakers, has had to be cancelled (or should that be postponed to 2020?) due to family commitments. We will let you know as soon as a new speaker has been confirmed.

2 responses to “2019 Conference Programme Announced

  1. A genuine offer – if you are struggling to find a talk for the TBC slot, I can put together something on the admittedly non-BL and non-Crime Club author of 50+ mysteries novels, Brian Flynn, focussing in part on why nobody seems to remember an author who was that prolific, and in part on why he should be given another lease of life…

    I’m sure you already have plans, but I thought I’d make the offer nonetheless.


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