Nominate your favourite female detective

Moira Redmond, Christine Poulson and Dolores Gordon-Smith will be talking about female detectives in Golden Age fiction at the Bodies From The Library Conference on 18th June.

While not giving any spoilers (well, you wouldn’t expect us to do that, now, would you?) about the content of their session, who do you think they ought to cover in their discussion? Of course we can’t make any promises, but now is your chance to influence their thinking and maybe get a mention for your favourite female sleuth to come under their scrutiny.


4 responses to “Nominate your favourite female detective

  1. Honey West; Dol Bonner; Harriet Vane; Madam Story; Miss Madelyn Mack; Nancy Drew; Judy Bolton; Tuppence Beresford; Worrals; The Domino Lady…..


  2. Miss Silver because she is always true to herself and her principles. Also she is often underestimated as a result of how she presents herself ie dress, hair, knitting and yes the cough (which I like because it says a lot).


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