Make it a Golden Age Weekend

To mark the publication of the first 100 Crime Classics, the British Library is holding a special event on the evening of Friday 17th June (the evening before the Bodies From The Library Conference on Saturday 18th June). The event will be led by award-winning crime writer and Bodies From The Library stalwart Martin Edwards together with Radio Four’s Reverend Richard Coles. And for those who can’t make it to the British Library on Friday evening, the event will be live streamed.

Tickets to attend the event in person or online are already on sale to British Library members and go on sale to the public today. So now is your chance to make a Golden Age weekend of it and go to both the British Library event on the Friday evening and Bodies From The Library on the Saturday.

To book your ticket for the Crime Classics event go to:

To book your ticket for Bodies From The Library go to:


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